what is communication? what are the objectives & importance of communication


what are the importance,benefits and objectives of communication
objectives and importances of communication

Introduction of Communication:

The exchange of ideas between and among human beings is known as communication“. It is a two-way process. it may be verbal or nonverbal. Communication is considered successful when it brings desired results.

Origin of Communication:

The word “communication” comes from the Latin words “Communicare“,”Communio“,”Communis“. These words means to “share”,”to exchange” and “to hold in common“.

Definitions of Communication:

Various authors and scholars have defined communication. Some of the common definitions are given below:
1) “Communication is search for all available means of persuasion” by Aristotle.
2) “Communication is the main highway to all human relations“. by Prof. Parkhusrt
3) “Communication is the action of conveying or exchanging information and ideas“. by  Oxford-Dictionary

Objectives/Purposes of Communication:

An objective or Purpose is any goal that can be reached though a practical plan. Communication has the following major objectives or purposes.

1) To Inform:

The main purpose of communication is to inform. Communication is fast and common today. It brings quick results. So, a message must have some information for the receiver. Only then it will be of some importance. Otherwise, it will be useless.

2) To Persuade:

Another purpose of communication is to persuade. It means to convince the receiver. The success of a message is judged from the feedback of the receiver. If a letter convinces the receiver, he will have positive feelings about the sender and his organization.

3) To Explain:

Communication may also explain a situation. It may remove doubts about a thing. It may create interest in a product or an idea. It may compare two things to reach a decision. The sender may clarify a complex state of affairs.

4) To Inquire:

Companies send and receive many  inquires everyday concerning staff, products, services, and ideas. Such communication is a good way to promote business. Such communication is carried out by business people, general public, and students.

5) To Order:

Management issues order for employee from time to time. Executives must learn what is going on in the organization. Since they cannot be everywhere at once, they issue orders to employees for reports and suggestions.

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6) To Request:

Communication may make a request. The request may be to get credit, to solve a problem, to invite a quotation, or to get a job. It may also include a request for collection of past-due accounts, supply of goods, services, etc.

7) To Adjust:

communication may be carried out to adjust a claim, or complaint. Adjustment messages are a regular feature of business. It is a good-news message for the receiver. It is, therefore started with good news.

8) To Co-Ordinate Tasks:

In an organization, Communication also flows from one department to the other. Its objective is to co-ordinate tasks. It is especially useful for solving complex and difficult problems.

9) To Promote Goodwill:

The people in the business world are community. One purpose of communication is also to promote goodwill. Business people send congratulations, thanks, greetings, welcomes, invitations, sympathies, and condolences, etc. as per need. Such communication is certainly good for busines.

10) To Build Human Relations:

Communication must build human relations in business and industry. Communication and human relations are interlinked. Though the exchange of ideas, we shape relations with others.
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What are the Benefits of Communication(Importance of Communication):

Communication keeps the world on the move. Communication is soul of an organization and a person. Neither can exist without communication. 
The benefits  of communication are discussed below:

1) “Life blood of and Organization” :

communication is “lifeblood” of an organization. The success of an organization depends heavily on communication. An organization carries out internal and external communication. Internal communication carries information up, down, and across the organization. External communication carries information in and out of the organization. The communication with  each and everyone must be effective. Only then the organization will move ahead.

2) Helpful in Saving Money, Time, and Effort:

In big Organizations, thousands, of hours are devoted daily to letter, reports, memos,meetings, interviews, etc. A clear, correct and complete message will save money, time and effort. It will bring profit and promote goodwill.

3) A Job Requirement:

A person seeking a job must have strong communication skills. These are a primary need in careers like marketing, customer relations, public relations, labor relations, training, teaching , etc. Persons with good communication skills have bright future.

4) An Essential for Promotion:

The ability to communicate effectively is essential for success and promotion. It has always been considered the greatest asset of an employee. Many things are needed for promotion. These include education, appearance, selfconfidence, training, hard work. These are like a ladder to promotion. The highest rung of ladder belongs to communication ability.

5) In Everyday Life:

Communication begins early in life. Gradually it becomes part and parcel o our life. Without communication, life does not pass well. At each and every step in the home, on the road, in the buss, in the market. in the office, in the classroom we need communication. A student may know every thing. But the expression is very necessary. His knowledge will bring him success only when he impresses the examiner. 
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