What is LAN, MAN and WAN

LAN [local area network]

what is lan

  • LAN stands for local area network.
  • LAN is the collection of computers and other devices that are usually connected together by cables.
  • This network is established in a building an organization or a small city.
  • In this network main computer is called server and all other computers are called clients connected with the server.
  •  Local Area network offers a mean of polling network resources and information between a number of users.

Advantages of LAN:

  • Sharing of resources i.e., disk storage, printer, and server.
  • Sharing of information held on disk drives that are accessible by all users of the network
  • Sharing of an installed network.
  • Ability to communicate with other users on the network. this is very useful in case when the computers are distributed around a large building.
  • High-speed access to resources.

Disadvantages of LAN:

  • The main disadvantage o LAN is that it covers a very limited area.

WAN [wide area network]

what is wan

  • WAN stands for wide area network.
  • WAN has no geographical limitation
  • A Wide Area Network can be between two cities, countries or two continents or in the whole world.
  • The great example of WAN is internet which covers the whole world.
  • The use of WAN has increased over the past few years.

Advantages of WAN:

  • WAN connects the local area networks.
  • WAN reduced the connecting charges and using of networks.
  • In WAN for faster transmission of text and graphics or video,s compression techniques are used.
  • Financial transaction or data interchange form companies to companies.

MAN [Metropolitan area network]

what is man

  • MAN stand for Metropolitan area network.
  • MAN is a  network that is spread over the entire big city or more than one city.
  • A MAN is larger than local intranets or extranets but smaller in range than WAN.
  • An example of MAN may be a network established in Karachi city that connects different LANs
  • A Metropolitan Area network enlarges to become a nationwide network for example if the different cities of Pakistan (whether  large or small) are connected together then heir connection will make a MAN across the entire country.

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