Types of Adjectives [With Examples]

Types of Adjectives

types of adjectives
types of adjectives

In this lesson, we are going to discuss Types of Adjectives. Types of Adjectives are Fully explained with examples which helps the students to understand types of Adjective better

What is an Adjective

An adjective is a word which qualifies s a noun. It is a word used with a noun to describe or point out noun an animal person or thing and tell the number and quantity.

Examples of Adjectives

  • She is a clever girl
  • I do not like this boy
  • He gave me five mangoes.

Types of an Adjectives:


Types of Adjectives are given below with examples

Adjective of quality:

It shows the kind or quality of a noun or thing

Example of Adjective of Quality

  • The boy is happy
  • She is very intelligent
  • Ali is a bold boy

Proper Adjectives:

These are the adjectives which are used with a proper noun.

Example of proper Adjective

  • French perfume
  • Iranian carpet
  • Multani soonhalwa

Adjective of quantity:

It shows how much of thing is meant

Example of Adjective of Quantity

  • He has no sense
  • Ali lost his al wealth
  • I ate some rice
  • you have no sense
  • He did not eat any rice
  • He showed much patience

Adjective of Number:

It shows how many numbers of persons or thing meant and in what order it places

Example of Adjective of Number

  • I met a few people
  • He has given me five mangoes
  • I have told you many things
  • Few cats like the cold war
  • There are no pictures in this book
  • All men must die
  • Most boys like cricket

Types of the Adjective of Number

Definite Numeral Adjective:

These adjectives show an exact number in ordinal number(first-second third)
Which shows place cardinal number such as (one two three) which shows how many
  • He got the second prize in a competition
  • He gave me ten bananas

Indefinite Numeral Adjectives:

It shows and an indefinite number of the person or things which do not shows and an exact number
  • He lost all his money
  • Few people were escaped
  • There is a no picture in the wall

Distributive Numeral Adjective:

It refers to or shows each one in the number of group or person which meant
Each boy will get a prize
Every word of it is false
India expects every man to do his duty
Either pen will do.
On either side is a narrow lane.
Neither accusation is true.
The same Adjective may be classed as Quality of Number, according to its use
Adjective of Quality                         Adjective of Number
I ate some rice.                                 Some boys are clever
He has lost all his wealth                All men must die
You have no sense.                          There are no pictures in this book.
He did not eat any rice                     Are there any mango-trees in this garden?

Demonstrative Adjectives:

Those adjectives show or point out which one is meant it not only points but also takes meaning for a noun
This boy is good in nature
These mangoes are sweet
I hate such things
This boy is stronger than Hari
That boy is industrious.

Interrogative Adjectives

What which and whose when use with nouns to ask a question are called an interrogative pronoun
What manner of man is he?
Which novel do you read?


Pick out all the Adjectives in the following sentences, and say to which class each of them belongs:-
  • The Ship sustained heavy damage.
  • I have called several times.
  • Every dog has his day.
  • A live ass is better than a dead lion.
  • Every man has his duties.
    Say the same thing twice over.
  • Several persons were present at the time.
  • He is a man of few words.
  • Neither party is quite in the right.
  • What time is it?

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