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Job Application:


A written request for getting a job is called job application. It may be solicited or unsolicited. A job application is a person’s personal sales letter. So, it is said that a job application is like a sales letter.
Importance of Job Application:

Job Application| Types of Job Application| How to Write Job Application|
Job Application

Today’s job market is a buyer’s market. There are many applications for a few positions. The employers call the people for interview on the basis of the application. A candidate’s education, experience, personality, training, all have no value if he cannot convince the employer.
Parts of Job Application:
A job application has the following parts:

#1 A strong Opening:

The first sentence of the application is of great importance. Tell what post you are applying for, and how you knew it. It can be said in these words”In response to your advertisement in today’s Dawn.  I offer my services for the post of Secretary.”

#2 Employer’s Self-Interest

The target employer does not know you. He does not care about you. Why should he? But he does care about himself and his success. Try to fill his needs, not yours. This thing can be said in these words: “I have some valuable ideas to increase your sales.”

#3 Qualifications and Achievements:

Briefly explain your qualifications and achievements. But describe only those qualifications and achievements that directly appeal to the self-interest of the employer. This make me a good candidate for this job.

#4 A Request For Interview:

End you application with a request for interview. Give as much attention to your ending as you do to the beginning. Be clear and specific. “I shall be glad to come for an interview at any time.”

Types Of Job Application:

There are two types of job application.
Solicited job application.
Unsolicited job application.

#1 Solicited Job Application:

The word “solicited” means “requested“. A solicited job application is written in response to an advertisement from the employer. Such application has to compete with so many other applications. So, it must be prepared very carefully and effectively.

#2 Unsolicited Job Application:

An unsolicited job application is written when no advertisement was given for it. The applicant hears of a vacancy indirectly. Sometimes the applicant sends an application on the chance that there may be a vacancy.

How to write job Application(Example).

Specimen Job Applications:
Write an application to chairman TEVTA Lahore for the post of an Accountant. Send also your C.V.
                                                Examination Hall,
                                                  18 July 2018.
The Chairman,
TEVTA, Punjab,
Honorable Sir,
             In response to your advertisement in today’s Dawn, I submit my application for the post of Accountant.
I did my D.Com in 2017. Currently, I am working as Accountant in a local firm. I enjoy my work here. But, being small, this firm provides few chances of advancement. During my job, i earned a diploma in computer from a local college where i attended evening classes. I have strong communication skills.I believe that i have achieved expertise and experience to serve a big organization like yours.
My full particulars are  shown on my C.V. Which has been enclosed.
           I request your honor to give me a chance to serve under your kind control. I shall do my best to satisfy my superiors with my work and conduct.
                                                       Your truly,
Enc: C.V.