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Welcome to our blog Query Help

Assalam o Alaikum friends I am Yaseen Ramzan and I have done BS computer science I live in Abbottabad and my age is 25 year I have great experience of writing article about computer science

My mission and vision:

my aim and vision is to provide quality article to my followers I just love writing article related to computer science I have learned a lot of things now it’s time to spread my knowledge over the world I actually don't like fame because it is short lived so actually  I have not created this blog to get any fame I am writing my article just to enjoy and spread my knowledge to everyone .

Our Team

This blog not only contain article related to C++  but also it contains  Articles on Computer Fundamentals, Operating System, Database, and Object-Oriented Programming, in this way I have hired two more authors for Computer Science

Abdul Rehman:

I m Abdul Rehman and I am 27 years of old and I live in Abbottabad I have done BS Computer Science and I have great experience of writing article C++ and Object-Oriented Programming

Umer Arif:

Hi, this is me Umer Arif and I am working for this blog as a Computer Science article writer
I have done BS in computer science  i am 30 year old and i have one year of writing article of Database Operating System and Computer Fundamentals

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Our content is unique and self written we always try to give quality rather then quantity also our each article is full of elaboration. We in each article try to clear the full concept of the student also our article is written in a simple style and which help the students to understand the topic better. 


according to rules, it is prohibited to copy some one's content so we strictly disallowed to copy our our content. Because it is against to the rules of Google.

Our Dream

Our Dream is to make this website one of the biggest Computer Science Website So that it must be helpful for all Computer Science students

Our Courses

We are providing here free C++ course online you can get all topic of C++ free of cost and our every article is written in a way that every student can get the concept of C++ language.

In our C++ course, there is a complete theory for each topic as well as complete syntax plus examples and more than 1 programming example with each topic, this really helps the student to know the topic in depth.

In our C++ course there are a lot of programmes related to the topic which help the student to practice the actual programming under a single roof, Simply Queryhelp website is simply created for the student to get the concepts in depth and never forgettable concepts

Other courses

  1. You can get here:
  2. Operating System
  3. Object Oriented-Programming
  4. Database
  5. Communication Skills